Below you will find a series of videos about my Parasite Cleanse and further down my research about it. Keep in mind that although this Cleanse is very well described, I am sharing all this information to raise your awareness, not so that you follow exactly what I did. Before attending any cleanse, please consult your doctor.

What is Parasite Cleanse?

Firstly, let’s answer the question what are parasites:

Everything living on you or in you, not just to perch, but to take its food from you is a parasite. ¹

Parasite Cleanse or Deworming is a process of killing the parasites that are inside your body.

Parasites and diseases

Parasites usually don’t give obvious symptoms. They can cause:

  • different infections
  • skin rashes, itchines, allergies
  • break down
  • tiredness
  • feeling unwell
  • abdomen pain
  • headache
  • diarrhea or constipation 
  • teeth grinding
  • difficulties to fall asleep
  • fever
  • weird flu
  • and so on…


You can test what kind of parasites you have, but there are just a few that can be checked. People usually can develop up to 200 different worms in their bodies. But there are to 2000 kinds of parasites that can settle in a person’s body. You cannot 100% check the existence of the parasites. This is why PREVENTION is the best way to deal with parasites. ²

Who Should Do Parasite Cleanse?

Following most of the naturotherapists the answer is very simple – EVERYBODY, more precisely every adult. Also children over 5 years old can do the deworming, but in a slightly different way.

Consider doing a Parasite Cleanse, if:

you are a healthy person and you want to take care of your body and lead a healthy lifestyle:

  • you want to start body detox,
  • liver cleanse,

or you have health problems:

  • you feel unwell, sick and you don’t know the reason for that,
  • you want to start an unconventional therapy, because you have a tumor, cysts or other disease,
  • you are already having a specific treatment,

In all these cases, your first step to a healthy body should be cleaning it from parasites. Be aware that PARASITES causes many or even most of the health issues, and the reason for having no results in the treatments or therapies can come from lack of knowledge about PARASITES.

In other words. Without DEWORMING the therapies like:

  • Liver Cleansing
  • therapies against tumor or cysts won’t work properly

Also without deworming we won’t bring proper body homeostasis as well as we won’t regulate our endocrine (hormones).³

Isn’t a Healthy Diet enought?

Everybody has parasites, as well as everybody has bacteria. The difference is how our immune system controls them. It is the bacterial flora in our guts that plays a crucial part in strengthening the immune system and having control over PARASITES.

In conclusion, we should definitely take care of bacterial flora of our digest system by EATING HEALTHY, but is it enough?

Yes and No.

There is still a discussion and different points of views about whether healthy people should do the deworming regularly as a part of prevention or not.

Read – Why I Have Done The Parasite Cleanse.


There are many different methods of deworming. What kind of deworming you should choose depends on the person’s individual needs and health. This is why it is good to know about precautions.


  • we should do the first Parasite Cleanse with a good naturotherapist or a very good book,
  • deworming is not an easy and obvious process. There are many nuances that we should be aware of,
  • during deworming, the dead parasites can cause intoxication/ intracorporeal poisoning,
  • don’t do deworming when you are pregnant,
  • be very careful with deworming when you are weak,

Parasite Cleanse that I have done

  • Based on my mum’s knowledge,
  • Lasts 3 weeks,
  • Includes: 
    • Diet,
    • Drinking herbs and chewing herbs,
    • Parasite Parties,
    • Enemas.

I am a fan of traditional, natural ways for Parasite Cleanse or other Detox protocols. We should do these regularly throughout our whole life. Traditional methods allow the substances that kill or weaken parasites to be absorbed in every part of the gastrointestinal tract, which is impossible when taking pills.


That’s a good question 🙂 and there are many answers for that. Some recommend doing a deworming every three months, especially if you have animals or are traveling to Asia or Africa.² There are also many therapists who recommend doing it every 6 months or 1 year. 

Again, I would say it is very individual. If you are healing yourself from some serious disease, the time and frequency will be different than when you are doing it preventively.

The deworming I have done my mum recommends doing once a year for the beginning of the spring.


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