Deworming – Make your own choice

Firstly, I think it should be your individual inner feeling, curiosity, and eagerness to do the Cleanse. The desire and need to be healthy and to take care of yourself in a most natural way. It’s the same when you are going to a psychologist. The therapy won’t make sense if you are forced and unhappy to do it.

Very important is your positive attitude and desire to help and improve your well-being!

Parasite Cleanse (deworming) and other body cleanses are designed to help you achieve healthy life goals. These goals are not obvious and identical for everybody. This is why you need to observe your body and mind and make the best decisions according to your needs. 

The first step to a healthy life is finding new healthy habits.

healthy habits is a process

Let me show you how my habits evolved.

  • As a kid, I believed that it was me who controlled sickness. Sometimes, I felt overwhelmed with the surrounding world and duties. I wanted to get sick. Usually, at that moment, my wishes came true, and I was getting a fever. During the fever time, I was consciously throwing away the negativities and accumulated emotions. After 1 or 2 days, when I felt that the healing process had finished, I announced that I would be healthy tomorrow and no longer have a fever. The next day usually, I was healthy again.
  • When I got older, it wasn’t that easy anymore to control the course of healing myself. I also had more food cravings, and my mind was more distracted. My interest turned towards a healthy diet, herbs, and natural medicine. It’s not a surprise that now I am fascinated by health protocols, including Parasite Cleanse.
  • I have been a vegetarian my whole life. My mum became a vegetarian when she was pregnant with me. I didn’t eat meat, fish, and eggs till I was 18 years old. I did, though, eat a lot of dairy products like yogurt, cheese, sour cream, milk, etc.

I remember my first reaction to veganism. This diet or lifestyle seemed so difficult and restricting for me. I couldn’t imagine myself not eating dairy products. Probably for some of you, being right now a vegetarian or vegan seems impossible. Eventually, I became a vegan. I was 25 years old. It was a process. Firstly, I was becoming more and more curious about veganism and how my body would feel after it. In the end, it was a pity for animals that made my last step, and I stopped eating animal products.

I was a vegan for half a year, and surprisingly it wasn’t difficult at all! I cannot call myself a vegan right now as I am not strict about it anymore. However definitely, this half a year of being a vegan greatly influenced my eating habits. I don’t drink milk or yogurt almost at all. Also, I rarely eat cheese. I eat though eggs as I consider them healthy and a good source of vitamin B12 and D3.

Why did I say yes to Parasite Cleanse?


My point in all this personal reflection is that everybody has their own path in life. If you are struggling with your diet and are unsure what is right and what is wrong, keep researching, keep inspiring yourself by reading and watching other people’s stories. With time it becomes easier and easier, and eventually, it will be effortless, driven by your beliefs and awareness.

Personally, I find very helpful and educational all these detoxification diets, fasting, Parasite Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, etc. They always leave me inspired and full of energy to keep my eating habits under control. For me, cleaning the body from the inside is this first step, a reset, a new beginning. This is why I think that it’s very beneficial to do it regularly, whatever your eating habits level is.


My second point in this long line is that we should focus on long-term healthy habits. Doing a Parasite Cleanse, Liver Cleanse or fasting and after that immediately going to McDonald’s, KFC or eating a whole bunch of sweets misses the point and will make you MORE THAN SICK.

The point in doing all these health protocols is to build a basis for a new healthy life. It is a help to control the cravings and become more aware of what we eat in a natural, easy way. We still want to enjoy the food, even more than before, plus we want to feel healthy, full of energy, and happy. 

Since 1 year I felt that I do not eat as healthy as I wish and it’s not a surprise as I am living in China and traveling since last 2 years. Finally, when I visited my home I asked my mum to help me clean my body from inside by using herbs and diet. Btw. my mum do this kind of detoxifications regularly. She was very enthusiastic about my wish. She proposed to start my whole body cleanse from Parasite Cleanse. This is how the following deworming began.


After Parasite Cleanse keep your healthy eating habits as long as possible. The body after this strong detoxification is like a sponge, if you give it the nutrients it will absorb them easily and quickly and the same happens, when you give it contaminated food.